How to Select a Reliable Pool Builder for Your Home

If you have weighed all the considerations for building a pool and decided on this endeavour, the next step is selecting the right contractor for the design and construction of the swimming pool. Some of the considerations that apply for deciding on a pool will be your budget, available space and yard conditions for the pool, safety considerations and maintenance requirements.

You will be able to find pool contractors in your local area by searching for them online. You can also ask for recommendations from neighbours who happen to have swimming pools on their property. You can also ask them about their experience working with the contractor and whether they are actually willing to recommend the company. Once you have a list of pool contractors to go through, you need to check the credential of the companies to get an idea of their reliability. Some of the basic information you should look for to ensure credibility of the company is whether they have a phone number and a physical address for the company. You also need to note down the contact details and the full name of the sales representative you are dealing with. Ask the company how long they have been working in the industry and their experience regarding residential swimming pools. You can visit their official website to get an idea of the work they have done. Check out the photo gallery by visiting to see the designs they have done.

By going through past work in the gallery, you will be able to get an idea of the aesthetic that the company is more used to. And if this aligns with what you are looking for, you can put it down on the smaller list of potential companies to consider. Also, the photo gallery will give you some inspiration on what you want to do in your own home. You may not be able to find when the pools featured on the website were completed but you can ask the sales representative to inform you of the total number of pools they have installed in the past year and details about the current work they have. Ask if they outsource construction or if there are any subcontractors involved. If there are subcontractors, you will need to verify their certifications and licensing as well in addition to the main company.

Ask about how the general design and construction process is carried out. You can also visit the showroom of the company to get an idea of what goes into the design and meet the team that will be working with you. Online reviews are a great way of getting an idea of customer satisfaction when it comes to the company. You can also ask the sales representative whether they can provide you with references for past clients. A small list of references can be a bit of a red flag but make sure you check the name thoroughly and have a list of questions ready when contacting the references. A good rule of thumb is to select about 3 contacts from the list but make sure you select them randomly from different parts of the list. Make sure to check insurance of the company as well. It is good to ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.

Louisa Hollis
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