How To Keep Your Spa Clean

If you are looking for a lovely addition to your home, a portable spa is just what the doctor ordered. Not only will this definitely amp up your outdoor living space, there are also numerous health benefits that you will reap when you regularly soak in your hot tub. Spas are a must if you also entertain all year long since it is a good activity to bond with your family and friends.

Since there are a lot of advantages to having one at home, it is imperative that you know how to care for the spa for it to remain functional and secure as well as to increase their lifespan. Hot tubs may accumulate dirt and grime from sweat, lotions and oils that will affect its mechanism. To keep your spa functioning for years to come, it should undergo regular cleaning. Continue reading to have an idea on how you could maintain the cleanliness of your spa no matter how frequently you use it.

Clean the filter as often as possible

Make it a habit to clean the filter of your spa after using it. You could use a net to remove the debris from the spa. Once you have managed to remove all the dirt, just add a spa cleaning solution to the filter before you turn on the jets.

Set the jets to run for 15 to 30 minutes and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the cleaning solution is getting to every jet line. After 30 minutes and the jets are off, leave the solution overnight to make sure that it is still doing its purpose of cleaning your spa. Cleaning your spa iseasy and does not require as much work and effort from you. This is why a lot of homeowners are inclined to have one. Sp get onboard and order inground spas today!

Scrub the walls

Scrubbing the walls of your spa is sometimes not needed after draining the overnight cleaning solution. But if it is needed, make sure that you wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Check the walls of your spa if there are some stubborn grimes that were not removed even after soaking it overnight. Scrub lightly and make sure that if you useanother cleaning agent, it will not damage your spa.

Use approved chemicals

After cleaning the interior of your spa, you can finally add water again. Use approved chemicals to balance and treat the water. Don’t use just any chemicals to do this since this might harm the machine that makes your spa’s jets run. Ask the professionals about the recommended chemicals since there are those that are designed and manufactured specifically for a spa brand and model.

Taking good care of your spa will prolong its life and will be able to serve its purpose for a long time, especially if it is being used for health purposes. Do your research about additional information on spa upkeep and maintenance to properly care for this investment.

Louisa Hollis
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