Different Methods to Achieve a Smile Makeover

Your confidence will improve with a beautiful smile and you will lose your self-consciousness about smiling and showing teeth. Many orthodontic clinics will offer smile makeovers where they will come up with different solutions to improve your smile.

You can go through

The official website of the orthodontic clinic to understand the services offered by their smile makeovers Melbourne. If you don’t have any alignment issues and want to improve the appearance of your teeth, you can consider in-chair teeth whitening. There will be a hydrogen peroxide based gel applied to the teeth and this gel will be activated by a laser so that it penetrates the tooth enamel. Here, the gel will help breakdown any discoloration or stains on the tooth enamel.

You can find orthodontic clinics that offer in-chair teeth whitening with Zoom technology where you are able to benefit from noticeable results within a short time. You will be able to see results after just one session as the shade of your teeth will lighten significantly. Some dental clinics also offers take-home bleaching kits where you can carry out maintenance of your bright smile. These will include whitening gel and custom made trays.   

You can also consider composite veneers

Where a tooth coloured resin material is applied directly to the surface of your tooth. The resin will match the colour of your teeth and it will be moulded to the shape, size and alignment of your natural teeth. Once the dentist is able to achieve the desire look through moulding, they will use a special light to harden the resin. Compared to porcelain veneers, composite veneers are quite affordable and will conceal minor imperfections easily.

This can be used to hide gaps in your teeth along with stains and chips. However, they are not as durable as porcelain veneers and you will need to carry out regular maintenance. When applying porcelain veneers, a small amount of enamel from your teeth will be removed so that the veneers will have a better fit. Once impressions of your teeth are taken, it will be sent to a lab to create custom veneers. Once these are ready, they can be bonded to your teeth permanently. If you have gaps, misalignment, discolouration etc. porcelain veneers are a great option to consider.

In certain situations where you have severe dental issues

Full mouth reconstruction will be considered. This is a comprehensive dental plan where a combination of procedures will be used to restore your teeth. Some of the procedures that will be considered in this stage will be dental crowns, implants and bridges. By using a combination of these procedures, extensive damage to teeth can be addressed.

This can help address issues regarding bite and missing teeth. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge can be used as a replacement. These will provide a natural looking solution. Dental crowns can encase a damaged tooth to restore its appearance and strength. The compromised part of the damaged or weakened tooth will be removed and the teeth will be reshaped to receive the crown.

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